Adjusting to Change Program

adjusting to change

Change, whether positive or negative, requires adjustment. For many people, the adjustment process can be overwhelming.

Adjusting to Change is an expansion of nb&a group’s suite of unique programs and initiatives. Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy principles, Adjusting to Change assists individuals in their preparedness for change of employment, from pre injury to new employment.

The program takes into account the impact of an injury, illness or other significant life event on a person's life, dealing with and accepting any feelings of grief or loss (such as loss of job or life roles) and assists the individual to accept and manage their changed circumstances.

The program is delivered in three stages over a period of five to eight sessions. At the conclusion of the program, the individual is better equipped for the transition to new employment. They can adjust to the changes and develop their own intrinsic motivation to move forward, ultimately enabling them to be motivated and proactively engage in activities such as job seeking.

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