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Freedom to Move is nb&a group’s unique pain education program. Freedom to Move is based on the principles of David Butler and Lorimer Moseley’s research on the neuroscience of pain and the book Explain Pain.

As each individual’s pain experience is their own, Freedom to Move is provided one on one. Over a series of sessions, the individual learns about the anatomy and physiology of pain and why we experience it. The individual better understands the ‘threat’ value of pain and that pain is a brain construct and output designed to reduce danger. In many people the experience of chronic pain is brought about by neurological change which the body interprets as a threat and hence, pain is experienced.

Through information exchange and a series of practical exercises the individual learns how to better manage pain and thus have the confidence to increase activity, function and productivity without fear of ‘damaging’ or exacerbating their injury.


There is strong evidence to suggest that the long term benefit (greater than one year) for people with chronic pain who have undergone such pain education training is statistically significantly greater than those who participate in traditional pain management techniques such as physiotherapy.

This program was the basis of a WorkCover SA (now ReturnToWorkSA) Achievement Award for services delivered to individuals experiencing pain.

Read more about this award here.


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