Equine Therapy

Natalie is always on lookout for different treatment options and recently discovered A Stable Life - a wonderful alternative therapy for those experiencing mental health issues.

Exploring alternative treatment options in SA

Growing up, one of my great loves was horses. There is no better feeling than galloping across a paddock or meandering through the countryside on horseback. It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom.

Recently I had the privilege of rediscovering my love of horses at A Stable Life – an equine acceptance therapy provider here in SA. Commonly used in the US, Equine Acceptance Therapy is an evidence-based approach designed as a treatment option for clients with PTSD and other mental health conditions. The horses are not ridden, and the exercises involve bonding and interacting with them. It’s great to see this type of therapy gaining traction in Australia.

I have always believed that there is no one right therapy approach for everyone, and we need to have a broad range of options available, especially for those clients who are ‘stuck’. Introducing some of my clients to equine therapy, I have seen a real shift in their mood.They have trusted me enough to go along with my suggestion of trying something a bit different and have been transformed in the process – their happiness, smiles, openness and social connectedness have had me close to tears at times.

Our consultants have also visited this wonderful therapy option to see firsthand what is available for consideration for their clients, whether they be veterans, first responders or others requiring mental health assistance.

To find out more, visit A Stable Life.


Natalie and horse Hailey and horse Leo and horse Horses Lucy and horse