Kate Hubl

Kate Hubl
Occupational Therapist in Mental Health
Quality Assurance & Research

Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy trained
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy trained
Standardised Assessment of Motor & Process Skills (AMPS) trained
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder trained
Explain Pain trained


Kate has a passion for assisting people with a mental health condition to regain and improve function and her approachable nature allows her to quickly build rapport with all parties, leading to positive outcomes.

Having worked in many different settings throughout Australia, England and Africa, Kate has provided a wide variety of occupational therapy services to a very diverse group of people. From orphans with physical and developmental disability, trauma and elective surgery patients, right through to providing care for elderly inpatients, Kate is able to draw on her vast knowledge and experience and implement it into her day-to-day work with individuals.

With her specific training in post-traumatic stress disorder, Kate is able to successfully implement accurate, evidence-based protocols for the effective delivery of services. She develops targeted, goal-orientated interventions and provides appropriate support to individuals, improving their performance in everyday activities such as work and self-care. In addition to individual treatment programs, she is experienced in developing and facilitating group therapy and training programs.

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