Allied Health Services / Occupational Therapy assessments workstation

allied health (occupational therapy assessments)

Experienced occupational therapists provide personalised assessments, interventions and training.

Timely, evidence-based assessments and interventions support an individual and a workplace in recovery and return to work.

nb&a group prides itself on its professionalism and timeliness in completing these services:

Task or Job Analysis

  • Task Analysis: Assess pre-injury and/or alternate duties and the capacity of an individual to complete each task.
  • Mental Health Job Analysis: Assess the social or environmental factors that may influence an individual with mental health concerns to return to work.
  • Graduated RTW Plans/Schedules: Guide the process of return to work with a focus on individualised, goal-orientated pathways.

Home-based Assessments

  • Activities of Daily Living: In-home assessment of functioning in personal care and general activities, with recommended actions to promote independence.
  • Home Modifications: In-home assessment and recommended modifications for enhanced safety and independence.

Ergonomic and Manual Handling

  • Worksite/Ergonomic Assessment: Assess workplace, work area and tasks in both office settings and industrial environments. Includes personalised modifications and/or education in correct work practices as required.
  • Tailored Training: Custom training for manual tasks performed in your workplace, or the general principles of ergonomics, for a healthier, happier workplace. This is delivered one-on-one or in a group setting.


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