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nb&a group are an Associate Member of Self Insurers of South Australia (SISA) and this article featured in the SISA Newsletter.

People say ‘Think outside the box.’ We say ‘What box?’

Rehabilitation and return to work are not new concepts but they do require a contemporary approach to stay current with the changing work environment. And this approach needs to be as unique as the injured individuals themselves.

That’s where nb&a comes to the fore. Having a diverse, multidisciplinary team means we can offer solutions well beyond a ‘standard’ approach. We don’t see limitations – we see opportunity to develop new supports and introduce programs which are current, relevant and bring a true psychosocial focus.

Some of our progressive programs include Freedom to Move Pain Education, MindCare Coaching and Adjusting to Change. We also offer a full suite of rehabilitation and return to work options including Employment Transition incorporating vocational counselling services. Our holistic management approach embraces the knowledge that mental health is part of our overall health. As such, we also provide programs on mental health awareness, Mental Health First Aid and self-management training, ensuring we are truly treating the whole person.

Real change begins with us, and you will very quickly see why. If we are not in the office when you call it’s because we are out with clients exercising on the beach, participating in equine therapy, trying out new activities of daily living aids or planning other psychosocial interventions that connect our clients with their communities. We don’t just perform rehab, we take part in it. Not only does this help to engage individuals in their own recovery and return to work, but it’s also the first step in fostering social connectedness, starting with their relationship with us.

We also practice engagement and connection within our own team. Recently we took some time out to celebrate 18 years in business and had a great night being creative and socialising together.

Staff outing

If you want to engage a progressive organisation which has the skills, experience and drive to get results (artistic abilities not guaranteed), please get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to chat to you about our unique approach to rehabilitation and return to work.